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Znaps: Magnetic Charging Adapter for Any Device

by Joseph


Magnetic charging ports are nothing new, having been built into MacBooks for a while now. But most devices don’t have them, which is why a magnetic charging adapter might be useful. Enter Znaps, a product designed to fill that gap, seemingly without any regard for pronunciation.

Znaps are gadgets that you plug into whatever charging port you wish to magnetize, which works with an adapter you hook onto the charging cable – voila, instant magnetic charging connections, and you might be surprised how quickly you get used to having that extra magnetic nudge when you go to charge your phone or computer.

Available in both micro-USB and Lightning versions, Znaps can be pre-ordered at the product’s official website here, where you can also get some more information on how they work. And yes, Znaps adapters can be bought separately, so you won’t have to carry around a single charger for all of your devices.

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