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Zissou Sane Patch Combines David Bowie and Bill Murray

by Joseph
Zissou Sane Patch

Zissou Sane Patch

I don’t think this is something that can be proven, but I’m pretty sure that the two best people of the 20th century are David Bowie and Bill Murray. While the two have tragically never cut a collaborative album together, there was a brief intersection of their respective spheres in the movie The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, starring Murray and featuring a bunch of Bowie covers on the soundtrack. Presumably, it was that film that provided the primary inspiration for the Zissou Sane Patch from Sad Truth.

The Zissou Sane Patch shows the number one aquatic explorer of our time, Steve Zissou, with the distinctive Aladdin Sane lighting bolt across his face. It’s a perfect addition to any backpack or jacket, provided you want to send the message that you really love David Bowie and/or Bill Murray (and who doesn’t?).

You can pre-order the Zissou Sane Patch in advance of its mid-April release date over at the Sad Truth online store here. And hopefully a film adaptation starring Bill Murray as an outer space documentarian who comes to Earth to rock and roll and also to kill the whale that ate his friend is now in the works, with a soundtrack by David Bowie.

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