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Zinger Double Down King: Horrifying Sandwich Unveiled by KFC Korea

by Joseph
Zinger Double Down King thumb

Zinger Double Down King thumb

I’m sure you remember a few years ago when KFC unleashed the Double Down sandwich on the world. That was, if I’m not mistaken, cheese, bacon, and maybe some sauce sandwiched between two fried chicken breasts in an unholy parody of what the 4th Earl of Sandwich intended. But KFC Korea has one-upped the Double Down with the Zinger Double Down King, a full-blown bacon cheeseburger with fried chicken in lieu of bread.

The Zinger Double Down King promotional announcement was accompanied by the businesslike motto “No Bun. All Meat.” This is technically a misnomer, since cheese is not a meat.  But in any case, this sandwich is enough to give me heart palpitations just looking at it, so I guess I can forgive them for that small technicality.

Lest you think you’re safe in non-Korean KFC territories, it’s always a possibility that if the Zinger Double Down King gets enough attention on the internet, it could become available in other markets. And I guess by writing this article, I’m contributing to that possibility, and for that I’m sorry.

You can check out the official KFC Korea website here, and here’s a full view of the sandwich’s poster:

Zinger Double Down King

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