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Zima is Coming Back This Summer

by Joseph


Zima, the joke alcohol reference of choice for uncreative people all over the world, is about to inspire a whole new generation of uninspired quipsters, since the briefly popular alcoholic beverage is coming back for a limited edition return engagement this summer.

The most memorable thing about Zima, at least for those of us who were too young to drink it when it was actually available, were the commercials, which featured people in nightmarishly hot weather cooling off with an ice cold bottle of Zima. With temperatures rising all over the world due to global warming, the time is right for this beverage to return.

Zima will reportedly be available on store shelves through Labor Day, so stock up while you can. No word yet if the return will be accompanied by a throwback advertising campaign, but one can dream, and Sega Forever already proved that the 90s TV commercial aesthetic can be replicated perfectly with a little effort.

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