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ZeroHour Apex Tactical Pen With Tungsten Tip

by Joseph
ZeroHour Apex Tactical Pen

ZeroHour Apex Tactical Pen

A “tactical pen” kind of sounds like a pen you might use in combat situations, but the people at ZeroHour probably don’t intend for their ZeroHour Apex tactical pen to be jammed through any lower-jaws—except in cases of absolute self-defense, of course.

Instead, the ZeroHour Apex is a pen outfitted with enough functions to make it a worthwhile everyday carry even if you’re not signing a lot of autographs. Its killer app (so to speak) is the tungsten tip that can be used for the aforementioned self-defense situation, as well as to break glass or score metal (it’s kept under its own safety cap when you’re not using it).

The ZeroHour Apex tactical pen is also lightweight and ventilated for maximum ease of carry and use, and you can check it out on Kickstarter here, where it’s $54 pre-order starting price gives it yet another function: When you pay that much for a pen, you almost certainly won’t lose it.

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