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Zero Scooter From Bel & Bel

by Joseph
Zero Scooter

Zero Scooter

The first Segway-style self-balancing scooter is now a reality thanks to design firm Bel & Bel (although one could plausibly make the argument that the Segway was actually enough of a scooter to count as one). It’s the Zero Scooter, billed by Bel & Bel as “the best product in electronic and technologic parts.” Well, I’m convinced.

In seriousness, the Zero Scooter is a pretty cool toy, inspired by the Segway but also the Vespa, balanced under the hood with technology on loan from NineBot. It also boasts a very cool retro-visual design that sets it apart from other cutting-edge transportation gadgets, and that hopefully will make it a timeless part of your personal fleet.

That’s if you’re willing to drop $6,500 on it, of course. If so, or just to get some more information on what the Zero Scooter can do and the principles that guided its unique design, head over to Bel & Bel’s official site here.

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