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Zenroast Ceramic Coffee Roaster (Video)

by Joseph


In Japan, they’ve been roasting tea leaves for myriad generations using a primitive tool called a “horoku.” Somebody out there had the inspired idea to try this process with coffee beans, and the result is a ceramic coffee roaster known as Zenroast.

Zenroast is made to roast whatever fancy coffee beans you have on hand over an open flame. The process takes between five and ten minutes, but the idea is that once you try your own roasted coffee you won’t ever want to drink coffee made any other way (on second thought, that might not actually be a good thing). And each roaster is said to be made by hand in “one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan.”

You can get more information on Zenroast by watching the promotional video below, or by heading to the product’s official site here, where you can buy one of the handcrafted coffee roasters for about $55.

Here’s the video:

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