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Zen Float Tank: Float Your Troubles Away

by Joseph
Zen Float Tank

Zen Float Tank

It seems like more and more often these days I feel like locking myself in some kind of suspended animation chamber. Unfortunately I don’t think that type of Farmerian stoning technology exists quite yet, but the Zen Float Tank looks like the next best meditational thing.

The Zen Float Tank is billed as the “only affordable home float tank,” but the word “affordable” would seem to be a relative term, since the lowest pre-order price point on the product’s Kickstarter listing is a very un-Zen $2,905. But I suppose you can’t really put a price tag on the kind of tranquility that comes from floating in an inflatable tank full of water.

Take a look at that Kickstarter page for the Zen Float Tank right here. It’s already surpassed its fundraising goal, so you can expect its first October, 2018 shipments to be on time. Then, check your lease man, you’ll be living in Float City!

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