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ZelectricBug: Classic VW Beetles Converted to Electric (Video)

by Joseph


Government studies have shown that the two worst things for our environment by far are industrial waste pumped into the air by giant corporate factories, and vintage Volkswagen Beetles. You might not be able to do anything abut the first one, but if you’re the owner of a Beetle, the people at ZelectricMotors can convert it into an electric-powered ZelecrticBug.

A ZelectricBug is truly a best-of-both-worlds scenario, since it looks just like a (restored) 1958-1966 VW Beetle, but it runs on an electric motor that can go anywhere up to 80 to 110 miles on a charge, and with a top speed of 90 miles per hour. And the conversion doesn’t compromise the collectible or financial value of the car, according to ZelectricMotors.

That last fact might go a little further in justifying the cost of a transformation from old-fashioned gas-powered VW Beetle to ZelectricBug, which is around $45,000 a pop. You can get a lot more information at the ZelectricMotors website here, and watch a video about the work they’re doing below.


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