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Zaroq Sand Racer: A Street-Legal Dune Buggy

by Joseph
Zaroq Sand Racer

Zaroq Sand Racer

Imagine this: You’re in the desert, running for your life from dangerous criminals. Your dune buggy is gassed up enough to keep you ahead of them, and you’ve narrowly avoided getting hit by any of their gunfire up to now. You drive and drive until you eventually come across a highway, at which point you have to surrender because your ride isn’t authorized to travel down actual roads. With the Zaroq Sand Racer, this disturbingly commonplace scenario would be a thing of the past.

The Zaroq Sand Racer isn’t just an extremely high-quality dune buggy, with unusual amenities like air conditioning and a steering wheel wrapped in luxurious suede. It’s also completely street legal, with a powerful-enough engine to keep up with highway traffic.

Availability of the Zaroq Sand Racer outside its native United Arab Emirates is an uncertain property at this point, but in any case you can get a little bit more information on the vehicle at the official Zaroq site right here.

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