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YouTube Red: YouTube Launching Ad-Free Subscription Service

by Joseph
YouTube Red

YouTube Red

We all know that YouTube ads are extremely annoying. But are they so annoying that you would pay ten dollars a month to never watch another one again? YouTube is hoping they are, with the launch of their new ad-free subscription service YouTube Red happening later this month.

YouTube Red will also give users the ability to keep videos streaming even as they switch apps on their devices, a functionality that would seem to be geared towards people using YouTube to listen to music. Nevertheless, a new YouTube Music app under a similar “freemium” pay structure will also be launching at the same time as this new service.

More info on YouTube Red, “the Ultimate YouTube experience” which is launching on October 28th, can be had at YouTube’s blog post right here. You can also watch a short promotional video for the service below if you have 40 seconds to spare (plus time for an ad, possibly).



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