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YouTube Music Key: YouTube Unveils Subscription Music Service

by Joseph
YouTube Music Key

YouTube Music Key

Even though it’s a video site and even though it contains almost any kind of video content you can imagine (except porn), a massive chunk of YouTube‘s users are only in it for the music. So it makes a weird kind of sense that they’ve created YouTube Music Key, a currently invitation-only music subscription service from the website.

For $7.99 a month, YouTube Music Key users will be able to listen to unlimited music without any advertisements, provided the songs they want are available on YouTube. Other features include offline listening, custom playlists, a free subscription to Google Play Music, and at some point in the future, official music videos as well as just music.

YouTube Music Key is now in beta testing, and you’ll need an invitation to get on board. If you want one, or just to get some more information on the service, you can head over to YouTube’s Music Key site here.

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