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Your Streaming Consumption: AT&T Releases Streaming Calculator

by Joseph
Your Streaming Consumption

Your Streaming Consumption

With the repeal of net neutrality regulations in the United States, it’s difficult to impossible to read into this online gadget without a little bit of sinister significance. Still, AT&T’s new¬†Your Streaming Consumption¬†calculator is nevertheless a good way to put the 21st century scourge of binge-watching into a new temporal perspective.

Your Streaming Consumption lets you see in days, minutes, and hours (not to mention gigabytes) exactly how much you put into streaming your favorite shows in 2017. You check off the shows you watched over the past year, hit the button, and voila, a comprehensive chart of all the time you wasted and/or spent watching new TV shows in 2017.

Take a look at the AT&T Your Streaming Consumption calculator right here. And when companies like AT&T start charging you extra to use services like Netflix and Hulu, remember this day, and how good we all used to have it.

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