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YotaPhone 2 Dual Screen Smartphone (Photos)

by Joseph
YotaPhone 2

Hope you’re ready to have your mind blown, because now there’s a smartphone with twice the usual amount of screens – two screens! On one smartphone! It’s the YotaPhone 2, billed as the first such dual-screen smartphone in the world, thanks to its always-on Electronic Paper Display on the back.

Those who have never used an Electronic Paper Display before might think that having a second screen on the back of your phone that never shuts off would wreak havoc on your already-fragile smartphone battery life. But electronic ink will actually save energy, since it uses very little and it can be checked for quick things like notifications or texts – plus you can more comfortably read books and other electronic print objects on your phone.

The YotaPhone 2 can do plenty of other stuff to, which you can read all about at the project’s IndieGoGo page here, where it’s already reached over 250% of its original fundraising goal in just one day, and where you can also pre-order one now in advance of its August delivery date for $525. You can also see a few photos of the phone (and that luxurious second screen) in the gallery below.


YotaPhone 2YotaPhone 2YotaPhone 2YotaPhone 2YotaPhone 2


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