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Yoko Honda: Artist Specializes in Retro 1980s Americana (Pics)

by Joseph
Yoko Honda

If you’ve ever been watching Miami Vice, seen a fashion catalog sitting on some drug lord’s coffee table, and thought to yourself, “I want to live there,” then you will probably respond favorably to the work of artist Yoko Honda, whose neon, vaporwave-influenced portraits seem to be beamed to our planet from that same alternate dimension.

Yoko Honda is one of many new artists to have been discovered through Instagram, and her work has gotten her a few high-profile gigs, including an adult coloring book entitled Wish You Were Here. But it’s these digital portraits that are her main stock in trade, and that will have you wishing it was 1985 and you were rich and possibly addicted to cocaine.

You can see exactly what I mean by taking a look at a few of Yoko Honda’s works below. And for more, cruise on down to Honda’s Instagram account here, where the 1980s will never die.

Here’s the gallery:

Yoko HondaYoko HondaYoko HondaYoko Honda

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