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YB: Aaron Paul Develops App From ‘Breaking Bad’ Catchphrase

by Joseph


If everyone who watched Breaking Bad felt an irresistible affection for Jesse Pinkman (which they did), then there are a whole lot of people out there who would love to have Aaron Paul call them a “bitch.” At least, that would appear to be the thinking behind YB, a new app from Aaron Paul.

YB is an iOS app that lets you send pre-written text messages that will remind recipients of Aaron Paul in character as his iconic Breaking Bad meth cook and that purportedly fit almost every possible situation. Like, for instance, your old high school chemistry teacher wants to enlist your help to start an illegal meth production empire? YB him!

If you’ve got $.99 cents to kill on a dumb novelty, or you just miss Breaking Bad that much, you can check out YB on the iTunes store here. Or, for free, you can see a montage of Jesse Pinkman saying “bitch” below.

Enjoy, bitch:

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