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Yaroslav Galant Embroidered Foosball Table

by Joseph

Embroidered Foosball Table

The foosball table is a rec room, dorm, and man cave staple, and not generally considered within the province of upscale interior design. But that may be changing, thanks to Ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant, who recently unveiled a rather stylish foosball table at the 2012 Milan Fair.

The table combines traditions that stretch back many years, with ultra-modern innovations – in fact, just the combination of those kinds of embroidery patterns with a foosball table is pretty novel. Usually it’s just soccer-themed decorations and whatnot. So I guess we should simply consider this to be a more creatively-themed foosball table that was designed for the foosball player with a taste for elegance and class.

Just remember. No spinning!

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