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Yardstash III Storage Tent

by Joseph

Yardstash III

There’s something vaguely ominous about the phrase “storage tent.” ┬áIt brings to mind some kind of hastily-erected government installation like the one at the end of the movie ET. So maybe it would be better if you just called it a Yardstash.

The Yardstash III is a 74-inch wide, 65-inch tall, and 30-inch deep storage tent for those odds and ends you don’t want in the house but can’t just leave in your backyard. Like a tent, it has a vinyl tarpaulin roof for keeping rain out, and a polyester body for keeping out everything else. And it has enough room for bikes, pool toys, yard equipment, and all the other outdoor members of a homeowner’s fleet.

If you’re interested in dropping a hair under $130 for the Yardstash III storage tent, you can do so at Amazon here. Just remember to always let your kids out of there before they end up spending the night inside.


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