Home Style Yanet Garcia: Meet Mexico’s Hottest Weather Girl (Video)

Yanet Garcia: Meet Mexico’s Hottest Weather Girl (Video)

by Joseph
Yanet Garcia

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I’ve never been to Mexico, but as an ignorant American I’ve always assumed that it’s wall to wall hot meteorologists, delivering the daily forecast and getting viewers all hot and bothered in the process. But even if that’s true, Yanet Garcia is standing out from the rest, and she’s starting to develop a cult following even among people who don’t speak a word of Spanish or care what the weather is like anywhere in Mexico.

That’s almost certainly thanks to Yanet Garcia’s penchant for wearing sexy outfits that one is hard-pressed to imagine Al Roker pulling off during his broadcasts. She also has a strong presence on Instagram, giving followers a good look at her style choices for the day.

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