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Xyrena Factory Fresh Cologne Smells Like Fresh Sneakers

by Joseph
Xyrena Factory Fresh

Xyrena Factory Fresh

Sneakers probably don’t have the best olfactory reputation in the world, but if you think about it that’s just because the smells we associate with sneakers are the ones that come from used sneakers. As every sneakerhead knows, a new pair of sneakers is one of the most underrated smells in the game, up there with pizza boxes and trading card albums. And Xyrena Factory Fresh is a cologne that’s engineered to capture that very smell.

Xyrena Factory Fresh is just one part of a whole line of “Virtual Reality” fragrances from Xyrena, which also includes colognes that smell like gas stations, theme parks, and more. Compared to those two, a nice sneaker cologne is practically mainstream, isn’t it?

A bottle of Xyrena Factory Fresh will cost you about $42 at the Xyrena online store here, which may or may not be a bargain by cologne and/or new sneaker standards—with this many moving parts I don’t even know anymore.

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