Home Entertainment “This Was The XFL”: Upcoming ’30 for 30′ Ep Gets Trailer (Video)

“This Was The XFL”: Upcoming ’30 for 30′ Ep Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
This Was The XFL

This Was The XFL

If you’re older than, oh, 18 or s0, you probably remember the XFL, the extremely stupid football league launched by Vince McMahon to compete with the National Football League. The idea was basically to add a fistful of McMahon’s pro wrestling style drama and bad taste to the most popular sport in America, and his huge, infamous failure is now the subject of an upcoming 30 for 30 documentary entitled “This Was The XFL.”

A teaser for “This Was The XFL” premiered over the weekend, and it promises an inside look at one of the most baffling flops of the 21st century. The teaser made its debut during the last 30 for 30 ep’s commercial break, but it was also posted on Twitter for all failure fans to enjoy:

“This Was The XFL” will air in its entirety on ESPN on February 2nd, 2017. And for more information on 30 for 30, check out the documentary series’ official ESPN site right here.

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