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‘X-Men – Color and Costumes’ Studies the Fashion Choices of Mutants (Video)

by Joseph
X-Men - Color and Costumes

X-Men - Color and Costumes

In just about a month’s time, X-Men: Apocalypse, the latest big-screen X-Men adventure, is hitting theaters, which means it might be time to bone up on your X-Men mythos (one of the most expansive and tangled in all of comics). But there’s more to life than who-killed-who on Genosha, and X-Men – Color and Costumes covers an underrated component of the X-Men: Their clothes.

The most upsetting message of X-Men – Color and Costumes is that a crucial part of what makes the X-Men special has been completely lost in translation from comics to live-action. It’s also an insightful study of the thematic significance of the X-Men’s individual sartorial choices. For instance, did you know that the classic costumes of Wolverine and Cyclops serve as symbols for their conflicting worldviews thanks to their inverted color schemes?

You can get that and more from X-Men – Color and Costumes below. And if it doesn’t make you feel sick of the whole big screen X-Men franchise, you can visit X-Men: Apocalypse‘s official site here.

Here’s the video:

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