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X-Large Unveils ‘Star Wars’ Collection

by Joseph
X-Large x Star Wars T-Shirts

X-Large x Star Wars T-Shirts

If you don’t like Star Wars, you might want to consider going into cryogenic hibernation for the next decade or so, because we are currently living in the quiet before the storm. One of the brands getting in on that pre-Episode VII buildup is X-Large, who have announced a collection of graphic t-shirts for the summer of 2014.

The t-shirts show various characters from the Star Wars universe in graphic prints inspired by the X-Large ape logo, only unlike the X-Large ape they’re looking right into the camera, almost like it’s a mug shot. Pretty cool, especially by Star Wars apparel tie-in standards.

An image courtesy of Hypebeast up at the top of the page is the best look of the X-Large x Star Wars collection we have right now, but you can expect more images and release details to come in the near future from X-Large’s website and online store here.

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