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WWDC 15: Keynote Reveals Lots of New Stuff From Apple

by Joseph
Apple WWDC 15

Apple WWDC 15

Today was Apple’s¬†2015¬†Worldwide Developers Conference, otherwise known as WWDC 15. While there weren’t any brand new blockbuster devices unveiled at the event, there was some exciting improvements to existing Apple products and services, like the new Mac OS X, new iOS for the iPhone and iPad, and upgrades to stuff like Maps, Notes, and Apple Pay.

Those upgrades include the ability to sketch and doodle in Notes, and a wide array of new capabilities for Apple Pay, which can now sync up with third party royalty programs at various retailers. Apple is also launching a new feature called News, which acts as a compiler for stories from the user’s favorite sites (it can also index stories according to topic). The iPad and the Apple Watch are both getting significant upgrades, and Apple Music is now on the scene to compete with Tidal and Spotify.

You can see more from WWDC 15 over at Apple’s official site here, where you can also get more information on their complete line of products.


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