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WW Chair From H Furniture

by Joseph
WW Chair

WW Chair

The classic Windsor dining room chair is the starting point for a new, updated version from the people at H Furniture. It’s called the WW chair, so-named for the aforementioned “Windsor” design as well as the metal “Wire” that makes up the back of the chair, extending underneath the seat.

The WW chair is purported by H Furniture to be a “hybrid piece” that puts a new spin on an old staple in the seating world. The chair is also available in the plain wooden variety seen above, or with an included upholstered seat, with various wood finish options also up for the choosing. It’s a piece of furniture that comes close to being a piece of sculpture as well.

Pricing information on the WW chair is available on request with bespoke service also offered at H Furniture’s online store right here, where you can also get some more information on this chair of chairs.

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