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WTAPS ‘Peanuts’ Collection

by Joseph
WTAPS 'Peanuts' Collection

WTAPS 'Peanuts' Collection

Peanuts is one of those rare media properties that can be licensed a seemingly infinite number of times across all kinds of tacky merchandise and endorsements, all while still retaining the inherent charm it always had. Whether or not the new Peanuts capsule collection from WTAPS is an example of that idea in action will probably be a matter of opinion.

What isn’t a matter of opinion is that the WTAPS Peanuts collection is made up of sweaters and t-shirts of various designs and sporting a nice array of Peanuts graphics, including a weird focus on Schroeder’s love of Beethoven.

Also not up for debate is the fact that the WTAPS Peanuts apparel collection is currently available from the Japanese label’s online store here, and is reported to be available from other select retailers as well. So keep an eye out, especially if your newspaper doesn’t carry Peanuts anymore.

(via Hypebeast)

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