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Wrist Ruler: The Ruler That Goes Around Your Wrist

by Joseph
Wrist Ruler

With smartwatches and other “wearables” serving as the latest tech trend, it’s only natural that a more old-fashioned counter-trend would start kicking into gear at the same time. And another piece of low-tech wearable gear is here in the form of the Wrist Ruler from LVLY. Essentially, it’s a timeless leather bracelet that doubles as a 43-inch ruler, with inch and centimeter measurements engraved on the surface.

The possibilities of the Wrist Ruler are pretty much self-explanatory, but I guess it’s worth mentioning anyway that it would be a good and useful addition to the accessory arsenal of anyone who uses a ruler on a regular basis, be it for simple crafts or more complicated DIY projects. And when it’s not being used to measure, the Wrist Ruler looks good in a low-key, sensibly stylish way that won’t make you look like some kind of weirdo (or, worse, a contractor).

You can see a few photos of the Wrist Ruler in the gallery below. If you like what you see, the product is available here with a price tag of just under $20.

Here’s the gallery:

Wrist RulerWrist RulerWrist Ruler

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