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Wove Band: Woven Polyvera Smart Band (Video)

by Joseph
Wove Band

Wove Band

Smarwatches are really just getting started (unless you believe they’re already on the way out, which may also be true), but it’s already inspired at least one non-imitator: The Wove Band by Polyvera, billed by the WIRED line “don’t call it a smartwatch.”

You may nevertheless be tempted to call the Polyvera Wove Band a smartwatch, due to its wrist-mounted display. But unlike a smartwatch, this is a totally flexible, always-on electronic ink display that runs “compositions” instead of apps, and it has five times the interactive surface area of a typical smartwatch.

The Polyvera Wove Band differs from smartwatches (and some would say improves on them) in many other key ways, which you can check out at the product’s website here, where you can also sign up for more information when the band is released next year. And you can also watch the aforementioned WIRED video on it below.

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