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The 25 Worst Beers in the World

by Esteban

worst beers in the world

There are lots of lists out there that focus on the best beers in the world. And while those are often informative, the fact is that there are hundreds of delicious brews out there worthy of your consumption, and it really doesn’t matter all that much if a beer is the best. It therefore seems more useful to me to know which beers I ought to avoid at all costs. That’s why I put together this list.

The source material? Well, you’ll be relieved to know I didn’t go out and sample every one of the worst beers in the world. (I’ll do a lot of things for money, but not that.) Instead, I started with the 25 worst beers over at RateBeer.com and the 25 worst beers over at BeerAdvocate.com. These are the two main user-driven beer-rating sites on the English-speaking interwebs, and they both use the same basic method for ranking user ratings (though the actual equations are different).

So I took the rankings from the two sites and averaged them together. (Thus, if I beer was ranked #2 on RateBeer.com and #4 on BeerAdvocate.com it got a score of 3.) If a beer was on the top 25 on one list but didn’t crack the top 50 of the other it was automatically disqualified. Then, if there was a tie between beers (and there were), the beer on which the two lists were closer together was ranked higher (i.e. worse). Why? Because what we’re looking for here is a consensus—the most amount of people who agree that a particular beer really, really sucks. My method isn’t scientific (so chill out, math people), but it gives us a rough idea.

Anyway, the result is a list of the worst beers your hard-earned money can (but should never) buy. For each entry we’ll have where the beer ranks on RateBeer.com (RB) and BeerAdvocate.com (BA), just so you get an idea of the variation in opinion.

Ready to go? Cool. Let’s hit it.


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