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World’s Tiniest KFC Served up Tiny Food for One Day (Video)

by Joseph
World's Tiniest KFC

World's Tiniest KFC

There’s just something inexpressibly entertaining about the tiny food trend, so much so that “tiny food” videos have becomes a popular craze on YouTube. KFC got in on the action over the weekend in Portland with what they billed as either the World’s Tiniest KFC or the World’s Smallest KFC  – and really, is there an appreciable difference between the two?

The World’s Tiniest KFC was serving up tiny fried chicken, tiny Dr. Peppers, tiny chocolate chip cookies, tiny mashed potatoes and gravy, and somehow most adorably of all, tiny biscuits, all prepared in the tiniest of kitchens. Unfortunately, the restaurant was also open for a very tiny period, and now all that’s left of the World’s Tiniest KFC is the tweet below from the official KFC Twitter account:

The World’s Tiniest KFC was located somewhere in the tiny hamlet of Portland, Oregon, according to this Eater report on the subject.


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