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World’s Most Expensive Coffee Available in Dubai Cafe

by Joseph
ICONS Kopi Luwak

ICONS Kopi Luwak

Coffee sure is getting expensive, isn’t it? You can drop 6 or 7 dollars at Starbucks without even realizing it! But be thankful your local coffee shop isn’t ICONS Coffee Couture in Dubai, where a cup of Kopi luwak costs about $25 (and if that is your local coffee shop, congratulations on your extreme wealth and success).

Kopi luwak, or civet coffee, is made from (warning: This is gross) the solid waste of the Asian civet cat, who only eats Viverridae coffee beans. I know it sounds weird, but it is a thing, and it is in some parts of the world considered a very expensive delicacy. That includes ICONS, which now claims to have the honor of serving the most expensive cup of coffee in the world.

But when you drop $25 on an ICONS cup of kopi luwak, you’re not just paying for the coffee. You’re also paying for a personal and exclusive experience. Here’s ICONS founder Elena Weber on the very special cup:

“We are extremely pleased to introduce the wild sourced and hand roast Kopi Luwak to ICONS Coffee dressmaking. It is an exclusive coffee experience; with the coffee being prepared in front of the opinion of the customers in a classic production ceremony. It’s a delight to watch.”

If you’re wondering whether the $25-a-cup kopi luwak from ICONS Coffee Couture in Dubai is worth it, check out a review of the beverage here.

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