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World’s Largest Super Soaker from Mark Rober (Video)

by Joseph
World's Largest Super Soaker

World's Largest Super Soaker

Just in time for summer, YouTube engineer and mad genius Mark Rober has created a machine that he calls the World’s Largest Super Soaker, and honestly, even if I wanted to dispute this claim I wouldn’t, lest I end up on the wrong end of its life-destroying hydro-power.

I’m not joking – the World’s Largest Super Soaker uses nitrogen to pressurize the tank, and sends out water at as high as 272 miles per hour. Rober demonstrates it breaking wine glasses, carving up watermelon, popping balloons, and terrorizing friends and loved ones, all with the power of water propelled at a sufficient velocity.

You can check out the World’s Largest Super Soaker in action in the video below. And if by some chance you feel like trying to build one of your own, Rober has put the plans for his design up on Dropbox right here. If your summer water combat slate calls for maximum overkill (or oversoak), this would be the way to go.

Here’s the video:

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