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World’s Largest Nerf Gun by Mark Rober (Video)

by Joseph
World's Largest Nerf Gun

World's Largest Nerf Gun

I’m not a Nerf scholar, but I would imagine that the “world’s largest Nerf gun,” if you stick to officially licensed Nerf products, would probably fit comfortably in the passenger seat of a car. But the actual biggest Nerf gun in the world, as created by Mark Rober, is almost impossibly big (and might not even fit in the trunk).

You’ve probably already skipped to the video, but in case you haven’t, Rober had to create his own giant-sized “darts” for the world’s largest Nerf gun using pool noodles and toilet plungers, which should give you a sense of the scale involved. As for the gun itself, it’s big enough to make Cable of X-Force say, “uh, isn’t this a little extreme?”

You can see the world’s largest Nerf gun in the video below, and lament the fact that it probably won’t be seen in a toy store near you any time soon. But for more from Mark Rober the Science Brober, head to his official YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video:

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