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‘World War Z’ Video Game on the Way (Video)

by Joseph
World War Z

World War Z

Much of the current pop culture obsession with zombies can be traced back to Max Brooks 2006 novel World War Z, which got a big screen adaptation starring Brad Pitt in 2013. Now, a video game based on the novel is set to be released, and there’s a trailer for it that premiered last night at something called The Game Awards.

The tagline for the World War Z game sums it up nicely: “70,000 years at the top of the food chain…it was fun while it lasted.” The game will be a cooperative four-player affair that will allow those four players to cooperate in various survival horror scenarios all over the world, reportedly including New York City, Moscow, and Jerusalem.

One thing the trailer for the World War Z video game doesn’t have is a release date, instead promising fans that it’s “coming soon,” most likely sometime in 2018, provided the actual zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen before then.

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