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‘World Under Water’ Shows Our Global Warming Future (Pics and Video)

by Joseph
World Under Water
World Under WaterWorld Under WaterWorld Under WaterWorld Under Water

One of the reasons humanity has been slow to take effective action on climate change is because it’s hard to imagine how the rising sea levels will actually have an impact on our own daily lives. The people at CarbonStory are trying to make that a little easier with their new project World Under Water.

The hook behind World Under Water is simple: You type in any street address in the world and it will show you what it would look like submerged under water. Factually, it might not be very accurate to say that global warming will submerge every area in 100 years or so, but it definitely drives home the point that climate change and global warming affects everyone, no matter where or how you live.

You can see a video about the World Under Water project below, as well as a few of the most striking images from it in the gallery above. And to check out the site for yourself, just click here. You might learn something, and it’s better than watching Waterworld.

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