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World Record Hoverboard Flight by Catalina Alexandru Duru (Video)

by Joseph
World Record Hoverboard Flight

World Record Hoverboard Flight

Hoverboards are great for impressing your friends and giving you the uncanny sensation of flying above the ground, but they haven’t really been perfected in the covering-large-distances department. But Catalina Alexandru Duru just made an important stride in that field with his Guinness World Record hoverboard flight.

Duru smashed all previous hoverboard distance records with the trip, which came to a grand total of 905 feet (plus two inches for luck). And he did it on a heavy-duty quadcopter hoverboard, not one of those Back to the Future jobs, so one can expect this record to stand for a little while at least – you never know, though.

You can watch Catalina Duru’s world record hoverboard flight for yourself below. And if you’re interested in taking a look at a lot more videos of impressive and unprecedented feats, head over to the official Guinness World Records YouTube Channel right here.

Here’s the video:

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