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“Every Country’s Most Popular Beer”: World Beer Map From ‘Vinepair’

by Joseph
Every Country's Most Popular Beer

Every Country's Most Popular Beer

It’s long been said that the world would be a much better place if we all cast off the shackles of arbitrary national borders and joined together as one big human race. But a new chart from booze magazine Vinepair shows that those borders might not be so arbitrary after all – it’s “Every Country’s Most Popular Beer,” a map of the world overlaid with the favorite beer of each country.

“Every Country’s Most Popular Beer” is based on the available sales figures for each country, and it demonstrates that the best-selling beer isn’t always the best one. Take the United States, for example, which is decidedly Bud Light territory, despite the fact that Bud Light is no one’s idea of a truly great beer. It’s like how ketchup became the most popular condiment in the world by being tolerated by everyone and loved or hated by no one, but with beer.

You can see a full-size reproduction of “Every Country’s Most Popular Beer” by clicking on the image up at the top of the page. And for more on the world beer map and more from Vinepair magazine, just head over to their official site right here.


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