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Word. Notebooks Firework Series

by Joseph
Word. Notebooks Firework Series

Word. Notebooks Fireworks Series

If you missed out on watching fireworks this Fourth of July weekend, or if you’re still jonesing for more, the people at Word. Notebooks have a new collection that will satisfy your explosive urges while filling the practical purpose that creative types use notebooks for. It’s the Word. Notebooks Firework Series.

The Word. Notebooks Firework Series features five different notebooks bearing the work of five different artists on their stylish covers. Eric Kenney, Denton Watts, Emma Maatman, Luke Pelletier, and Jon Contino (whose work is pictured above) are the artists in question, each one hewing to a loose “firework” theme for their respective covers. The collection also foregoes the signature Word. bullets for 48 totally blank pages—good for doodling fireworks in, among other things.

You can check out the Word. Notebooks Firework Series at the notebook brand’s online store right here, where each notebook in the collection is priced at a penny less than $12 each.

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