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Woolsey Ping Pong Table: Also Just a Table

by Joseph
Woolsey Ping Pong Table

Woolsey Ping Pong Table

Generally if you go into someone’s home or office and they’re using a ping pong table as a regular table, it means that whatever business you have with this person should be suspended immediately and filed under “red flags.” But the Woolsey Ping Pong Table is the rare table that “can do both,” as the kids are saying now.

The Woolsey Ping Pong Table is made from solid black maple, with a center line of sugar maple, and finished with an oil and wax that are completely food-safe. That’s because when you remove the included powder-coated steel net, it’s suitable to be a dining room table in even the most elegant surroundings.

I know that must be true because of Woolsey Ping Pong Table’s $8,200 price tag, which means it must be good for more than just table tennis. You can check it out and buy your own made-to-order table at the Woolsey site here.

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