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Woolsey Agent Desk: Inspired by James Bond

by Joseph
Woolsey Agent Desk

Woolsey Agent Desk

Designer Sean Woolsey makes the claim that his Woolsey Agent Desk is “named after James Bond,” a claim that I am extremely dubious towards given that Bond is far from the only “Agent” in the world, and that this desk could just as easily be said to be named after Maxwell Smart or Jack Bauer. But it’s a pretty cool desk, regardless.

To be fair, the Woolsey Agent Desk does look like something James Bond might sit behind in between his missions, thanks to its old-school visual aesthetic. 007 would also approve of components like the secret storage compartment, sealed via magnetic lock that can only be opened with an included wooden geode.

I’m also not sure if James Bond would be able to afford the Woolsey Agent Desk on his civil servant salary, since it’s priced at $3,850 from the designer’s official site right here. But if you can hack it, more power to you.


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