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Woodsnap: Tattoo Your Photos Onto Wood (Photos)

by Joseph

We take more photos than we ever have now, but that also means that we spend less time really looking at and appreciating each one. So if you take a particularly good photograph, you might want to look into ways of making it seem more permanent or significant – in which case, Woodsnap is a new service right up your alley.

Basically, Woodsnap takes any photograph and through a 10-step process that resembles tattooing, infuses it into a piece of wood. The resulting prints can be beautiful and also a little otherworldly, with heat and water resistance included in the bargain.

And it IS something of a bargain, with Woodsnap prints starting at just $15 on their official site right here. You can also get an idea of what the prints look like by checking out a few photos of the company’s work in the gallery underneath these words.

Here’s the gallery:


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