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WonderCube: 8 Mobile Gadgets in a 1-Inch Cube (Video)

by Joseph


We live in a world of technological wonders, yet the word “wonder” doesn’t really get trotted out much for tech devices or accessories. But it’s making a comeback in pretty favorable circumstances with the WonderCube, a small, one-inch cube that packs a total of eight different mobile gadgets within itself.

What are these eight different mobile gadgets? Built-in lighting and micro USB cable, charger, phone stand, OTG USB, emergency power, flash memory, LED torch, and something listed as “sync,” which I think might be a cop-out but whatever, I’ll let them have it. Any way you slice it, though, the WonderCube is an impressive piece of hardware, all the more so for its compact size which means you can take it pretty much anywhere.

The only downside to the WonderCube is that it’s still in its fundraising phase on IndieGoGo, where as of this writing it’s just about halfway to its $50,000 fundraising goal with a little over a month left to go. You can check it out here, where pre-orders start at $49 a pop. And you can also watch a short promotional video introducing the product below.


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