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Woman Drives Off With Parking Boot on Car, Goes Viral (Video)

by Joseph
Viral Parking Boot BMW Video

Viral Parking Boot BMW Video

Hopefully you’ve never had to deal with one of those heavy-duty parking boots in your own life, but you’ve probably seen them out and about even if you’ve never had one put on your car. And if you have seen one, you can’t help but wonder what would happen if you tried to start your car and drive away with one of those things attached. Now, you don’t have to wonder, since a video of a woman doing just that has gone viral and is currently making the rounds.

There are a few other details that probably contributed to the video’s viral success. For one, the car is a BMW, which might explain why it was able to defeat the mighty parking boot with its sturdy construction and high-performance. Two, the driver of the BMW was at a Bad Girls Club audition when her car got booted, which is just perfect.

You can check out the viral video of a woman refusing to stand down in the face of a parking boot below. However, don’t be so sure you’ll be able to get away with something like this when the time comes.

Here’s the video:

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