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The Wolfram Cabinet: Stock Up for Emergency

by Joseph
Wolfram Cabinet

Wolfram Cabinet

One of the side-effects of a complete global collapse is that all that money in your bank account will become instantly worthless. So why not sink an irresponsible amount of it into something you’ll actually be able to use once the machines take over? Something like, for example, the Wolfram Cabinet, a $14,500 “survival cabinet” that comes pre-stocked with almost 200 items that will help you and your family get through whatever worst case scenario is coming around the bend.

As for the Wolfram Cabinet itself, it’s a sturdily-constructed, double steel-walled, double-locked orange locker that should withstand anything up to a direct hit by a nuclear missile. And those 170+ items that come in the Wolfram Cabinet are “carefully chosen” for “functionality, durability and quality.” Hell, all the items in my life right now aren’t that carefully placed, and I don’t even have roving packs of cannibals to deal with.

If you’ve got the $14,500 required to afford the Wolfram Cabinet, there are probably dumber things you could do with the money than buying one for yourself here.

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