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WKRMN ‘Star Wars’ Knives (Photos)

by Joseph
WKRMN Star Wars knives

If you’re hoping to start knifin’ around with your favorite Star Wars characters in the near future, design firm WKRMN has a line of cutlery in the works that will help you to do just that. And WKRMN Star Wars knives are a lot safer than trying to convert your own kitchen knives to Star Wars merch.

WKRMN Star Wars knives are folding knives inspired by an array of Star Wars characters, including Yoda, Darth Vader, and the utilitarian stormtrooper knife. They’re not available for sale as of yet, but they should be coming out soon, priced similarly to other knives now available from the WKRMN online store.

That means that the WKRMN Star Wars knives should cost you about $180 once they become available at the WKRMN shop right here. For now, you can check a few photos of the folding knives out in the gallery below.

These are the knives you’re looking for:

WKRMN Star Wars knivesWKRMN Star Wars knivesWKRMN Star Wars knivesWKRMN Star Wars knives

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