Home Entertainment ‘With Bob and David’: ‘Mr. Show’ Reuinion Gets Teaser (Video)

‘With Bob and David’: ‘Mr. Show’ Reuinion Gets Teaser (Video)

by Joseph
With Bob and David

With Bob and David

Comedy fans and reunion buffs alike are tingling in anticipation for the premiere of With Bob and David, the sketch comedy reunion of the stars and creators of the Citizen Kane of sketch comedy, HBO’s Mr. Show with Bob and David. It’s coming to Netflix in less than two months, and we now have a very brief teaser to give us a taste of what’s to come.

With Bob and David has been described as being lighter, funnier, and less complex than the intricately structured Mr. Show, and the teaser sort of bears that out despite its under-30-seconds run time. It shows Bob Odenkirk and David Cross emerging from, uh, something, looking very “fake old” after their long period of being on ice following the end of Mr. Show. Then, Brian Posehn asks the question we’re all thinking.

You can see the teaser for With Bob and David below. And to watch the show, just head to your local Netflixatorium on November 13th, 2015, when four half-hour episodes plus an hour-long making-of are released.

Here’s the teaser:


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