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Wintercroft Masks: Halloween Masks You Make Yourself (Photos)

by Joseph
Wintercroft Masks

As I write this, Halloween is exactly one week away. That means you still have time to pick out a costume, or that you can still change your mind if you already made a decision. So you might want to look into Wintercroft Masks, templates for masks you print out and fold yourself, and which add a unique look and a DIY sensibility to your Halloween costume.

Wintercroft Masks arrive in your inbox as PDF files, which you then print out on either regular paper or card stock. After that, you just cut and fold according to the instructions, and if you’re at all proficient in the area of motor skills you should have a cool, interesting – and yes, a little creepy – mask that’s perfect for Halloween.

For more information, you can head over to the Wintercroft Masks website here, where they’re priced between $7 and $9. Or, and this is an especially good option if you just want to be a little creeped out looking at photos, you can see some of the masks in action in the gallery below. Preferably with the lights on.

Here they are:

Wintercroft MasksWintercroft MasksWintercroft MasksWintercroft Masks

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