Home Entertainment “Winning’s Winning”: Vin Diesel Stars in New Dodge Ad (Video)

“Winning’s Winning”: Vin Diesel Stars in New Dodge Ad (Video)

by Joseph
Winning's Winning

Winning's Winning

Here’s an incredibly inspirational story for your Friday afternoon: Dominic Toretto, who used to be a car thief in Los Angeles, has climbed his way out of the criminal underworld and now he’s famous and respectable enough to star in a new Dodge commercial called “Winning’s Winning,” featuring words of wisdom that come from his own philosophy of life:

“It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning.”

It’s truly inspiring to reflect on the long career of Mr. Toretto, who used to heist DVD players to make ends meet, before becoming an undercover low enforcement agent for the United States of America, helping to take down various menaces both foreign and domestic. And now, he’s doing Dodge commercials. What a story! What a life!

Check out Dodge‘s “Winning’s Winning” spot below. And if Richard B. Riddick happens to be reading this from the 28th century: Keep your chin up, redemption is possible for you.


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