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Wine Library: Like a Bookcase for Your Wine

by Joseph
Wine Library

Wine Library

Back in the old pre-Blu-ray days, a man was often judged by the quality of his home library. Italian design firm Elite, To Be is bringing back those days, sort of, with the Wine Library, essentially a classy bookshelf but for your wine collection instead of your expensive unread tomes.

Not only is the Wine Library modular in construction in order to accommodate any wine collection from between eight and 24 bottles, but it also comes with one of those old-fashioned library rolling ladders—just try to stay off it if you’ve had more than a couple glasses at the end of the night, as that could get very dangerous.

No price for the Wine Library at the Living Edge online store, but you can “enquire now” right here, and your home can be equipped with a Wine Library in about 12 weeks, assuming you can afford one. Maybe if you sell all your books, it’ll be easier.

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