Home Entertainment “Windows 95 Startup Sound (slowed 4000%)” by Brian Eno x Daniel Jones (Audio)

“Windows 95 Startup Sound (slowed 4000%)” by Brian Eno x Daniel Jones (Audio)

by Joseph
"Windows 95 Startup Sound (slowed 4000%)"

"Windows 95 Startup Sound (slowed 4000%)"

Yesterday was the birthday of the great outer space rock star, ambient dimensional scientist, and record producer Brian Eno, and to celebrate we have a new track that turns one of his most listened-to works into something totally different (but still very much in line with his sensibility). It’s called (and don’t worry, I’ll explain this in the next paragraph) “Windows 95 Startup Sound (slowed 4000%).”

“Windows 95 Startup Sound (slowed 4000%)” came about when artist Daniel Jones took the famous Windows 95 startup sound – which was originally created by Eno, as you may be aware – and decided to, well, slow it down by 4000 percent. The resulting track is a little under four minutes long, and it sounds a little like an ambient track Eno could have created on his own.

Jones slowed down other Windows startup sounds to create a whole series of makeshift ambient tracks, and you can listen to “Windows 95 Startup Sound (slowed 4000%)” below. And for more of Jones’ work, check out his SoundCloud account here.

Enjoy, especially if you’re looking for something relaxing to take you through the rest of your workday:

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